Skyrocket hosts second Fostering RM course in Malvern

June saw the second Fostering Registered Managers course being run at The Foster Care Co-operative offices in Malvern.

Again the Skyrocket team welcomed delegates from a number of not-for-profit IFAs.

This course’s cohort included a senior manager, a specialist social worker (new area development), a deputy team manager and a business manager.

This range of delegates provided a variety of experiences and knowledge which led to great interaction and participation.

Skyrocket also welcomed Dan Whitson-Jones, Business Development Manager at Community Foster Care to the team.

Dan brings a wealth of experience with him and says he is very pleased to be part of this new initiative.

Building on feedback from the previous course, this cohort all felt that the evening session was invaluable, and having the chance to speak informally with the CEOs was hugely beneficial.

One delegate said “Thank you so much. I have found the evening networking sessions absolutely fascinating; they have been just as informative as the day sessions!”

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