Additional services

At Skyrocket, we have many different services in addition to training available.

With support available to be delivered in groups or on a one-to-one basis, as as in person or remotely, we can find services to suit you.

Board Strategy Review

Having a clear Board Strategy is essential for any business.
Our development and review service allows businesses to work with an experienced consultant to formulate a clear strategy moving forward, ensuring your organisation is working effectively.
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Mergers & Acquisitions

If your business is facing any upcoming Mergers and Acquisitions, Skyrocket is here to help.
Our consultancy service can offer confidential advice and support to agencies in a number of areas in relation to these processes.
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Peer Support & Mentorship

Looking for a little extra support at work?
Our Peer Support and Mentorship services can provide those in roles which can feel quite isolating with a little extra guidance from a friendly and experienced member of our Skyrocket Team. 
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Co-Production is a growing field with many businesses choosing to come together to achieve outcomes.
If you need a little extra support with Co-Production, why not bring in a Skyrocket consultant with experience in this area to help you on your way?
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