Who are Skyrocket?

Skyrocket is a unique example of partnership, collaboration, co-production and innovation in the children’s care sector.

In 2015 the CEOs of Community Foster Care, The Children’s Family Trust and
The Foster Care Co-Operative were discussing the issue of recruiting quality Registered Managers (RMs) within the fostering sector.

Together they recognised that the function of a Registered Manager is a complex
and challenging one due to the varied and demanding skillset required to
fulfill the role successfully.

After lengthy discussions about the difficulty in finding the right training
for good future and practicing RMs, the three CEOs decided to design and deliver their own. And so, Skyrocket was born.

Skyrocket was founded to deal with possible gaps in professional foster care
management training. The challenges in the children’s care sector have now driven significant service expansion into wider skills and foster care training; business management, leadership, contracts, performance
management, board workshops and consultancy.

Skyrocket offers a wide range of specialist training in various areas and provides both in-house and external training opportunities.

Skyrocket partners

The Children’s Family Trust (CFT) is a children’s charity and an independent fostering agency.
Established in 1945, over the years, The CFT has looked after many children and young people from diverse backgrounds with a variety of needs within its dedicated and committed foster families.
CFT’s aim is to provide the highest quality care it possibly can.
With offices across England, it is a growing, progressive charity at the forefront of high quality, outcomes-based child care and fostering in the UK. 

As a not-for-profit fostering agency, The CFT ensures that any surplus made is directly re-invested into improving services and enhancing the lives and futures of looked after children.
CFT is proud to be a member of The Fairer Fostering Partnership.

Community Foster Care (CFC) is a not-for-profit foster care agency that provides foster care placements for local children in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Swindon, West Cumbria and Lancashire. Set up in 1999, it is a non-profit organisation with charity status and works as a social enterprise. This means any financial surplus is put into improving services so that children and young people placed with CFC have all the help they need to reach their potential. Foster carers are supported every step of the way with training and lots of back-ups. 
CFC works closely with other not-for-profit organisations like Young Gloucestershire and Together in Matson so that the children and young people placed with them have access to additional activities and support networks which all help to build their self-esteem. CFC is proud to be a member of The Fairer Fostering Partnership.

Meet the Skyrocket team