Training Exchange

At Skyrocket, we believe that knowledge is power. But at times, the cost of knowledge can be significant and we know that many agencies do not have the large training budgets to ‘buy-in’ tailor-made training for their employees.

We look to provide information on available training vacancies across all our customer agencies to increase access to training and reduce costs for all.

To achieve both support to others and get the best ‘value for money’ courses we want to set up a training exchange, where multiple agencies can benefit from running one training session and sharing the cost with other local agencies. You simply sell on any vacancies on a course you have booked, reduce your costs and enable reduced-cost training to others.

Starting as a simple forecast, we will look to develop this into a monthly training schedule across many regions and we will post available training spaces on our website and training calendar for others to access.

More development of this free service will be undertaken in due course.

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