Consultancy can be delivered over the phone or on-site for individual agencies. We will tailor the format of this consultancy to meet your individual requirements.

Consultancy Overview

Co-Production is essentially a genuine, real-working partnership between two or more agencies to deliver and achieve a single outcome. Co-production is about talking through a problem, identifying solutions and agreeing an approach moving forward for development.

Much is currently discussed about co-production but the challenges of delivery require good will, transparency and commitment. Often the greatest challenge is accepting that to co-produce you have to start from the same point with clarity and definition about the outcomes. Furthermore, all parties must reach the understanding that any service level agreement or contract will be based entirely on what has been identified, agreed and produced together.

At Skyrocket we have great experience of co-production as after all, it is the very foundation upon which it is based as a company. We have embraced these principles to deliver our services and truly understand the needs, complexities and challenges of co-production, allowing us to facilitate this for other companies moving forward.


Consultancy can be provided through telephone or video calling at £60 per hour.

A full day of consultancy can be provided for £450 per day, plus travel and expenses when required. Multi day consultancy can be facilitated at a reduced rate.

Please contact us for a more in-depth discussion and quote.

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