Performance Management 

Managing Poor Performance

1 Day Course Delivered Regionally £135 per student (a minimum of 5 students required).

Hosted by one of our regional partners


This one-day course is delivered regionally or can be delivered onsite to an individual customer.

The term performance management has, in some cases, become a euphemism for “the difficult conversation”.  Managing poor performance is merely a part of the subject but a very important part. Problems can be caused by  poor recruiting, untrained managers, internal, external and domestic challenges. We focus on helping to prevent poor performance or managing it effectively, if it occurs.

Our practical course examines causes and strategies to address and reduce them. We examine and rehearse the procedures that are applied in compliance with both legislation and best practice to assist and develop your staff.  This fundamental management skills course is suitable for all staff and mangers who have recruitment and line management responsibilities.


Equally important is the recognition and management of the very successful.

*  This one-day course is delivered regionally or onsite to a customer. The price is £135 per person for regional courses and £799 for an onsite course  (maximum 10 candidates).


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