The Fostering Registered Manager

A Toolkit For Survival

3 Day Residential Course | From £900*

This course has been designed to give new, aspiring or experienced Fostering Registered Managers a range of approaches and tips to fulfil this highly complex role.


The course covers Ofsted and National Minimum Standards, business administration, contracts, HR issues, and Management and Leadership.

Who is the course aimed at?


  • New, experienced or aspiring Registered Managers

  • Business Managers

  • Operations Managers

  • Placement Managers

  • Team Managers

This is an intensive three day course which will help Registered Managers clearly identify their role and key responsibilities and give them tools and techniques to support their practice.


The entire course has been designed and will be delivered by experienced, current registered managers and fostering chief executives to meet the needs they know are required. 

Additionally the course provides senior business managers within an agency the opportunity to understand the structure and challenges that an RM faces.


Attendees leave having developed insights, strategies and a professional peer group within the course, with a clear framework of fostering managerial skills. 

*The course is residential over three days and costs £1,125 (or £900 for not for profit agencies). Package deals (including meals and accommodation) are priced at £1350 (or £1125 for not for profit agencies).