Other Training

Mergers and Acquisitions

Independent and confidential advice specific to individual agencies considering a merger or acquisition.


£450 per day plus travel and subsistence, when required.


Due diligence, organisational fit, heads of terms…mergers and acquisitions are always a board to board matter but confidential, experienced advice before accruing legal costs can facilitate decision making, enable better risk assessment and increase mutual trust.


Consultancy Services

Confidential consultancy service at CEO/Director level. Based on the extensive experience of the partnership and sobering experiences!  What are the risks and liabilities as a Director/Trustee –  e.g.Why am I, as a director, personally liable to a fine in respect of our accounts? We provide a variety of options based on previous needs but are happy to discuss bespoke support.


£60 per hour telephone or Skype.

£400 per day plus travel and subsistence, if required.

Multi day projects can be facilitated at a reduced rate.


Peer Support & Mentorship

There are key posts in any care agency that can feel isolated. Skyrocket can provide informed support and mentor-ship at both senior manager and board level. The challenge for CEOs and board members is rarely discussed but occasional, confidential “touchstone support” can be both informative and liberating. Skyrockets discretion and confidentiality has been an offer where, in our experience, occasional and limited support goes a very long way!


Much is currently discussed about co-production but the challenges of delivery require good will, transparency and commitment. Often the greatest challenge is accepting that to co-produce you have to start from the same point with clarity and definition about the outcomes. Furthermore, that any service level agreement or contract will be based entirely on what has been identified, agreed and produced together.


Skyrocket can facilitate this as it is the very foundation upon which it is based as a company. We have embraced these principles to deliver our services and truly understand the needs, complexities and challenges. ​

Training Exchange (Complementary with Peer Support & Mentorship and Co-Production Course)

At Skyrocket, we believe that knowledge is both power and quality. But at times, the cost of knowledge can be significant and we know that many agencies do not have the large training budgets to ‘buy-in’ tailor-made training for their employees.


We look to provide information on available training vacancies across all our customer agencies to increase access to training and reduce costs for all.


To achieve both support to others and get the best ‘value for money’ courses we want to set up a training exchange, where multiple agencies can benefit from running one training session and sharing the cost with other local agencies. You simply sell on any vacancies on a course you have booked, reduce your costs and enable reduced-cost training to others.


Starting as a simple forecast, we will look to develop this into a monthly training schedule across many regions and we will post available training spaces on our website and training calendar for others to access. More development of this free service will be undertaken in due course.


Please                      for a more in-depth discussion about how we can support you.

Booking Form


Payment Details ( for invoicing)

Booking Terms and Conditions


  • You may substitute one candidate for another at no charge, but please complete an additional booking form and return it.

  • For bookings, a 50% refund of the full amount will be given for cancellations made no later than 14 days prior to the training date. No refunds will be given for cancellations made within 14 days of the training date.

  • All cancellations must be confirmed in writing.

  • We reserve the right to change or cancel course dates at our discretion to meet resources availability and customer requirements without any liability to ourselves.

  • All candidates are required to comply with the Health and Safety guidelines for the venues they are attending.


Data Protection


We will use your information for administering your attendance at Skyrocket training courses and to keep you informed of future Skyrocket events. If you do not want us to do this please let us know. We do not share your details with any organisation outside of Skyrocket Partnerships Limited. A full privacy policy is available on our website.


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