Leadership Training

1 Day Course | Delivered onsite | £750 per course (for up to 6 attendees) *

This one-day course is delivered onsite to the customer.

With the pressure on resources, there is often little time spent on the leadership training and the support of managers. An awareness of leadership techniques enables more effective management, better team building and thus lower staff disruption and turnover.


At Skyrocket, we often need to focus on the practical “hands on” management for managers who have “inherited” or unexpectedly been called upon to “act up.”


There is a focus on what the daily challenges are, what works, what to avoid and how leadership and human resources should interact to give all staff members the leadership they deserve.


Our approach is flexible, tailored to the number and level of attendees and their responsibilities, to ensure it is relevant and the knowledge is retained. We provide one-day courses with exercises and scenarios, and revision or reminder morning courses.

*  This one-day course is delivered onsite to the customer. The price is £750 (for up to 6 people). Additional places are £50 per person, up to a maximum of 10.


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