Governance Training

1 Day Course | Delivered onsite | £899 per course (for up to 6 attendees) *

Individual training, on a one to one basis, can also be provided.

This one-day course is delivered onsite to the customer.

The requirements of both The Companies Act and The Charity Commission impose clear duties and responsibilities on Directors and Trustees. It is important that once Board or Trustee induction is completed, there are clear updates and reviews of the Charter or Articles. Clarity about the Board responsibilities delegated, collectively and individually, is essential as is their auditable compliance and review. Sub committees need to be focused,with well established reporting procedures. Skyrocket can assist in such comprehensive and confidential reviews and provide training for the members in accordance with their specific needs and the relevant legislation.  


In addition to a structural, compliance and functional review, there is scope to facilitate strategic workshops to support the  potential of the board members/ trustees to develop and expand their organisations strategy.  Collective time is often at a premium and the need to focus on higher level aims and solutions, rather than responding to the arising operational challenges.


Whilst we can instruct upon compliance requirements, it is often more productive to tailor training or a workshop to an organisation's specific needs – we are happy to do so.  It is important that “oversight” does not, inadvertently become, “overlook.”

We offer support in:

  • Board/ Trustee -  Duties, Responsibilities and Compliance

  • Board/ Trustee - Induction training

  • Board and Trustee Workshops: Charters and Articles, Structure, Strategy and HR challenges

  • Individual organisation - confidential reviews

  • Mentorship support for new appointees and senior managers

*  This one-day course is delivered onsite to the customer. The price is £899 (for up to 6 attendees). Specific workshops can be facilitated on request.  Individual, one to one, on site training is available at £450 plus travel and subsistence.


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