The Fostering Registered Manager

A survival toolkit

Date, Time & Location

This residential course is currently provided at one of the three Skyrocket partners’ Head Offices (Droitwich, Malvern and Gloucester). Please see the Skyrocket course calendar for course dates and locations.

Who is this course aimed at: (include what roles and responsibilities have)?

The course is designed to prepare those who are due to assume this demanding appointment. It also provides an ideal revision and update program for those who are current, more experienced Registered Managers. The course explores both practice and legislation and has also been widely recommended to educate and inform Responsible Individuals, Operational and Regional Managers and Principal Social Workers being prepared for future promotion. Several national agencies have also used the course to instruct all their senior managers in the standards and demands that are placed upon a Registered Manager.

What is included in the course?

The course examines:

  • The legislative requirements of a Fostering Registered Manager and the scope of responsibilities.

  • The manager’s approach to compliance and the role of Ofsted.

  • An introduction to business drivers and information sources.

  • An overview of business administration, including governance and legislation, Board and Trustee functions, agency strategy and its impact, budgeting, delegations and insurance.

  • Risk register maintenance, risk management and costing.

  • An overview of preparing contracts and tenders, including the procurement process, tips for managing successful tenders, bid control, cost risk calculation, drafting method statements, understanding evaluation and common errors to avoid.

  • Human Resources and effective performance management, including the key processes, ACAS procedures, etc.

  • Leadership methods, awareness and approaches, as well as challenges and solutions.

  • A professional plenary, with at least 2 CEOs of fostering agencies available for detailed questioning and discussion on current issues.

Price £1195 for the course. A complimentary accommodation package can be arranged for a further £250.


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