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The requirements of both The Companies Act and The Charity Commission impose clear duties and responsibilities on Directors and Trustees.  It is important that once Board or Trustee induction is completed there are clear updates and reviews of the Charter or Articles. Clarity in the responsibilities delegated is essential as well as their auditable recording and review. Sub committees need to be focussed and resourced as well as reviewed.  Skyrocket can assist in such comprehensive and confidential reviews and provide training for the members in accordance with their specific needs and the relevant legislation.  In addition to the functional review there is scope to facilitate Strategic workshops to fulfil the full potential of the board members or trustees to develop their organisations strategy.  The collective time is often at a premium and they need to focus on higher level aims and solutions, rather than responding at the operational level.  Whilst we can instruct upon the compliance requirements it is often more productive to tailor training or a workshop to an organisations specific needs – we are happy to do so.  It is important that “oversight” does not, inadvertently become, “overlook.” We offer support in;

  • Board/Trustee -  Duties, Responsibilities and Compliance.

  • Board/Trustee - Induction training.

  • Board and Trustee Workshops on;

       Charters and Articles, Structure, Strategy and HR challenges.

  • Individual organisation - confidential reviews.

  • Mentorship support for new appointees and senior managers.


With the pressure on resources there is often little time spent on the leadership training and the support of Managers.  An awareness of leadership techniques enables more effective management, better team building and thus lower staff disruption and turnover. At Skyrocket we often need to focus on the practical “hands on” management for managers who have often “inherited” or unexpectedly been called upon to “act up.” There is a focus on what the daily challenges are, what works, what to avoid and how leadership and human resources should interact to give all staff members the leadership they deserve. The approach is flexible, tailored to the number and level of candidates and their responsibilities, to ensure it is relevant and the knowledge is retained. We provide single day courses with exercises and scenario’s and revision or reminder morning courses.


The most frequent training requests and issues seem to revolve around Human Resources – our people.  The key issue training we provide is:

Recruiting Successfully. Looking from the most senior level of CEO to the most junior administrators appointment time spent in framing Job Specs, Job Descriptions and the Advertisement all impact on who will be there for the interview.  Interview requirements suffer badly from half remembered or misunderstood practices – many of which are incorrect.  Good, in depth, relevant and challenging questioning is vital. Skills need to be demonstrated. The value and purpose of presentations clearly considered. How many interviews, why and how? The administration of the entire process is also important as it is the shop window of your organisation to a potential employee.  Are those interviewing trained in questioning techniques and follow up, safer recruiting requirements, workshop tasking or assessment, clear on what the presentation requested should confirm? What and how should the probationary period be viewed and managed?  Our 1 Day course provides clear techniques and examples with practical activities to demonstrate what is needed and how to deliver it.

Performance Management.  The term has become a euphemism for “the difficult conversation”.  This is merely a part of the issue and can be engendered from poor recruiting, untrained or temporary managers as well as a host of other challenges. Equally important is the recognition and management of the very successful. Our practical course goes through the process and procedures needed with emphasis on the ownership of managers and the support of HR procedures. It is aimed at supporting and facilitating an open, sensible and structured approach to what is a key management skill.

Foster Care Sector – Specialist Skills

From our experience in providing our widely respected Registered Managers Course we have used the expertise and feedback to address the areas of concern that most frequently arose to offer

Agency Decision Maker Training.   We will be offering training for ADM’s in the coming weeks. Details will be promulgated in November.

Preparing For Ofsted Inspection.  The guidance from Ofsted provides a clear broad structure but what does it mean in practical terms within the agencies day to day operation? What can be done to become routinely inspection ready?  How do you hold, collate or adjust processes to more easily comply with the framework? How can the manager ensure that the agency is seen at its very best? Emphasis will be placed on the Social Care Common Inspection Framework and its requirements and what has been learnt from the collective experience of those who have been part of an Inspection.


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