Consultancy & Governance

Reviews & Strategy

The need for board reviews of both articles and charters are a part of good governance and the basis of the review cycle in strategic planning for any director or trustee.


For many organisations there is often a strategy that may not have been re-visited for some time.


Skyrocket can facilitate a board review or training day, specific to your own charter or extant strategy, providing assistance to all or specific guidance to individual trustees and members.


We can also facilitate 'away days' on client-specific issues.  


We can aid the focus on the strategic and developmental with operational oversight that does not leave the board dealing with historical operational data reporting or routine operational management.

Board Training

The duties and responsibilities of board members and trustees are specific in both commercial companies and charities. Both require compliance with the principles and practice of good governance. Skyrocket provides clear compliance training for board members or trustees.

Leadership Training

There are many senior managers who work very hard, perhaps harder than they need to and at the cost of the team and faster progress. Much is invested in recruitment but often too little in the development and retention of existing managers and leaders. If you think your staff worthy of promotion, they must surely be equipped for the job...

Skyrocket offers training by highly skilled CEOs and senior managers that is further supported by six months of confidential mentoring up to and including board level.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Organisational fit, due diligence, heads of terms... Mergers and acquisitions are always a board-to-board matter but confidential and experienced advice before accruing legal costs can facilitate decision making, increase mutual trust and enable better risk/ gain discussion.

The aim of agreed heads of terms for legal review can be more effective in cost and personnel terms than sitting behind an outsourced due diligence process.

Skyrocket has internal experience of just such a process and can assist or provide board training, support or insight into the process.

Peer Support & Mentorship

There are key posts that can be very isolating. Skyrocket is already building a Fostering Registered Manager Group. The challenge for CEOs and board members is much greater!


The ability to confidentially discuss challenges with complete confidence and discretion assured is Skyrocket’s offer. In our experience, occasional and limited support goes a very long way!


Much is currently discussed about co-production but the challenges of delivery require good will, transparency and commitment. Often the greatest challenge is accepting that to co-produce you have to start from the same point, at the same time and agree clear outcomes. Furthermore, that any service level agreement or contract will be based entirely on what has been identified, agreed and produced together.


Skyrocket can facilitate this as it is the very foundation upon which it is based as a company. We have embraced these principles to deliver our services and truly understand the needs, complexities and challenges. This gives us a unique advantage in facilitating co-production for others.

Training Exchange

We look to provide information on available training vacancies across our agencies to increase access for smaller agencies with limited resource. Starting as a simple forecast, we will look to develop this into a monthly training availability forecast across many regions. More development of this free service will be undertaken in due course.